Vulkrum BadlandsEdit

Vulkrum Badlands is the fourth Tier of Quests.

Quest Name Status Lvl Cost Party Size
Icn Herbs4 Vulkrum Gathering Normal 30 30Coin 1
Icn Dark Colossus Dark Colossus Normal 31 50Coin 1
Icn Haunted Harwood Haunted Harwood Normal 31 50Coin 1
Icn Nightmare Scorpion Nightmare Scorpion Party quest 32 75Coin 2
Icn Nightmare Scorpion Scorpinox Rare Party quest 32 150Coin 2
Icn Night Beast Night Beast Party quest 33 100Coin 2
Icn Night Beast Night Stalker Rare Party quest 33 200Coin 2
Icn Undead Warrior Undead Warrior Party quest 34 125Coin 3
Icn Undead Warrior Skeletor Rare Party quest 34 225Coin 3
Icn Undead Mage Undead Mage Party quest 35 150Coin 3
Icn Undead Mage Altor Rare Party quest 35 225Coin 3
Icn Antares Antares Party boss 36 175Coin 5
Icn Antares Serket Rare Party boss 36 250Coin 5
Icn Lich King Lich King Party boss 37 200Coin 5
Icn Lich King Arthus Rare Party boss 37 250Coin 5
Icn Badlands Oni Oni Epic boss 40 400Coin 5
Icn Badlands Hel Hel Epic boss 40 400Coin 5
Icn badlands shadows Twin Shadow Epic boss 40 400Coin 5
Icn Pumpking Pumpking Holiday boss 40 500Coin 6