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Command Lines Copy and Paste


adb backup


adb restore backup.ab

Game Logs through Nox

nox_adb.exe logcat -s Corona > log_file_name.txt

To cancel logging press Ctrl + C in command prompt

Game Logs through phone

adb.exe logcat -s Corona > log_file_name.txt

To cancel logging press Ctrl + C in command prompt

Decompile with unluac

java -jar unluac_2015_06_13.jar > data.FormulaData.lua

Decompile with Luadec

Luadec.exe -dg -dis > data.FormulaData.lua


for %%f in (*.lu) do Luadec.exe -dg -dis > %%~nf.bytecode.lua


for %%f in (*.lu) do java -jar unluac_2015_06_13.jar > %%~nf.lua


mkdir obj\bytecode
move obj.*.bytecode.lua obj\bytecode
move obj.*.lua obj
mkdir data\bytecode
move data.*.bytecode.lua data\bytecode
move data.*.lua data
mkdir scene\bytecode
move scene.*.bytecode.lua scene\bytecode
move scene.*.lua scene

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