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Moss found deep in Tuvale Forest used to make Potions

Tuvale Moss is a Tier 1 crafting material used by the Alchemist.

Used in
Name Amount Needed
Minor Potion2
Minor Potion 2
Lesser Potion2
Lesser Potion 2
Speed Potion
Speed Boost 4
Where to obtain
Name Location Dropped Amount Chance to drop[1]
Icn Herbs
Forest Gathering Tuvale Forest 1 - 3 Always
Icn Moss Golem
Moss Golem Tuvale Forest 1 - 4 12.99% - 17.75%
Icn Forest Treant
Forest Treant Tuvale Forest 1 - 4 12.99% - 17.75%
  1. Lowest number is chance to drop for D grade Quest result. Highest number is for S grade Quest result.