Upon first loading the game, the Player will be greeted by the Merchant. He will continue to direct the Player through the Tutorial.


The first task the Merchant assigns the Player is to hire a Hero. The Player can choose between the three default Heroes: the Warrior, Mage or Rogue. Whichever Hero is chosen will be level 1. The first Hero only costs 10 coins and the Player is given 750 coins to start the game.


The second task the Merchant assigns the Player is to send their Hero on their first Quest. Since the Hero purchased is only level 1 there will only be one Quest available; Forest Gathering. After approximately 15 seconds the Quest will be finished and you can collect the reward. Your Hero will have also gained enough XP to level up to level 2.


The third task the Merchant assigns the Player is to turn the materials they gained on the Quest into a Potion. The potion costs 10 coins to make and the Player may have enough Materials to make more than 1 Potion if they want. After about 15 seconds the Potion will be complete and the Tutorial will end.