Tier 5 refers to all items, equipment, and Quests of the Grimhal Volcano region. Tier 5 covers items and quests between the levels of 41 and 50. Tier also determines which crystals, gems, and runes are needed to enchant equipment.

Tier 5 Enchanting Materials

Tier 5 Quests

Quest Name Status Lvl Cost Party Size
Icn Herbs5 Grimhal Gathering Normal 40 50Coin 1
Icn grimhal molten giant Molten Giant Party quest 41 80Coin 2
Icn grimhal volcanic lumberer Volcanic Lumberer Party quest 41 80Coin 2
Icn dragon Dragon Whelp Party quest 42 200Coin 3
Icn grimhal lava beast Lava Beast Party quest 43 250Coin 3
Icn dragon boss Fire Wyrm Party quest 44 300Coin 3
Icn grimhal demon warrior Demon Warrior Party quest 45 350Coin 4
Icn grimhal guardian Infernal Guardian Party quest 46 400Coin 4
Icn grimhal demon mage Demon Mage Party quest 47 450Coin 4
Icn grimhal phoenix Phoenix Party boss 48 500Coin 5
Icn grimhal cerberus Cerberus Party boss 49 550Coin 5
Icn grimhal skorge Skorge Epic boss 50 800Coin 6
Icn grimhal fafnir Fafnir Epic boss 50 900Coin 6
Icn grimhal arkyos Arkyos Epic boss 50 1,000Coin 6
Icn grimhal ozai Firelord Ozai Epic boss 50 1,100Coin 6
Icn grimhal fatalis Fatalis Epic boss 50 1,200Coin 6
Icn grimhal galam Galam Weekly boss 50 2,000Coin 6
Icn grimhal cragus Cragus Weekly boss 50 2,000Coin 6