Tier 1 refers to all items, equipment, and Quests of the Tuvale Forest region. Tier 1 covers items and quests between the levels of 1 and 9. Tier also determines which crystals, gems, and runes are needed to enchant equipment.

Tier 1 Enchanting Materials

Tier 1 Quests

Quest Name Status Lvl Cost Party Size
Icn Herbs Forest Gathering Normal 1 0Coin 1
Icn Moss Golem Moss Golem Normal 2 5Coin 1
Icn Forest Treant Forest Treant Normal 2 5Coin 1
Icn Grass Spider Grass Spider Normal 3 10Coin 1
Icn Grass Spider Arachne Rare 3 25Coin 1
Icn Tuvale Viper Tuvale Viper Normal 4 10Coin 1
Icn Tuvale Viper Venom Rare 4 25Coin 1
Icn Wild Boar Wild Boar Normal 5 10Coin 1
Icn Wild Boar Hogger Rare 5 25Coin 1
Icn Goblin Footman Goblin Footman Normal 6 15Coin 1
Icn Goblin Footman Guts The Mighty Rare 6 35Coin 1
Icn Goblin Enchanter Goblin Enchanter Normal 7 15Coin 1
Icn Goblin Enchanter Siru The Wise Rare 7 40Coin 1
Icn Goblin Chieftain Goblin Chieftain Boss 8 20Coin 1
Icn Goblin Chieftain Lord Gronok Rare Boss 8 40Coin 1
Icn Maexna Maexna Party boss 9 30Coin 2
Icn Maexna Queen Maexna Rare Party boss 9 50Coin 2
Icn Treasure Bush Treasure Bush (Tuvale Forest) Treasure bush 10 1,000Coin 6
Icn Goblin Warlord Goblin Warlord Map boss 10 200Coin 6