After purchasing the second Hero, the $ icon appears on the home screen. This brings up a screen for the Optional In-App Purchases. If you have made any purchases before and have switched devices, clicking Restore Purchases found under options, will restore any previously purchased items. A Reward Token can be redeemed by clicking on the Store button while a ! is present.

Exp Boost
Rewards 4 XP Boost and XP Boost +1 potions and the ability to craft them (and XP Boost +2) via the Alchemist. This costs $2.99 USD.

Spd Boost
Rewards 4 Speed Boost and Speed Boost +1 potions and the ability to craft them (and Speed Boost +2) via the Alchemist. This costs $2.99 USD.

Merchant: The Frozen Tome
Unlocks the first expansion. Included are a new region, New lvl 51 Skills, Level cap raised to 60, New Hero Bard, New Prestige level, an extra inventory page, 2 more Hero slots, New theme and Merchant skin, Xp and Quest Speed events, and bug fixes!

This costs $2.99 USD.

Unlock All
This unlocks all current and future purchases. including both potions, Themes, Crafters, the Frozen Tomb, Hero and Inventory Slots and will also unlock any future purchases that become available.

This costs $10.99 USD.

Ad Watch
Watch a short Ad and receive a free Reward Token. There is a limit to how many videos may be watched a day, but it is set by the Ad company and not the game Dev.

Other purchasesEdit

There are 3 other things that can be purchased through the App. Theme customization, Crafter unlocks, and Inventory Slots.

Theme customization can be accessed by clicking the top left button on the home screen. See Theme for examples. This unlocks 10 additional Skins and 6 Themes. You can freely change both Skins and Themes after unlocking. This costs $2.99 USD.

Instead of paying gold to unlock the Jeweler and Enchanter you may optionally pay with real-world money. The Jeweler may optionally be unlocked for $0.99 USD while the Enchanter may optionally be unlocked for $1.99 USD.

Inv Slot
Unlocks an additional 16 Inventory Slots. Found under the Stock menu. This may be purchased four times in total. This costs $0.99 USD ea.