Icon-mdpiThe following is based on The Frozen Tome Expansion and contains spoilers.

The next region is coming! Wolves, Giants, Dragons that breath blue fire! We swear we're not infringing on any copyrights! This expansion will come with a purchase price of $2.99, but we're looking for ways reduce the cost for our dedicated fans while still keeping the lights on around here.

— Tyler's announcement

Content added in the Frozen Tome expansion includes:

  • A new Hero class: Bard. Icn Bard
  • A new Prestige level. Icn Warrior P2
  • Each Hero unlocks a new Skill at level 51.
  • Crafter, Customer and Hero level cap raised to 60.
  • A new Region (level 51- 60) added.
  • New Weapons, Armor, Trinkets and Potions!
  • A new Rarity level (Relic.)
  • Rare versions of the new monsters.
  • 2x Speed and 2x Xp events added to the game's rotating events.
  • 2 more Hero Slots added.
  • 16 free Inventory slots (16 more can be purchased for 32 total.)
  • Tons of bug fixes! (Ap works now.)