The monsters your Heroes defeat in battle drop precious materials needed for crafting or potion making. The rarer the material, the higher price and selling time it sells for.

Materials fall under the following categories:

Tier 1 - Tuvale Forest Edit

Icon Name Sell Price Sell Time Dropped
Ashe Log
Ashe Log 3 ~8s Forest Treant
Ashe Root
Ashe Root 3 ~8s Forest Gathering
Boar Fur
Boar Fur 7 ~15s Wild Boar, Hogger
Boar Tusk
Boar Tusk 9 ~20s Wild Boar, Hogger
Chieftains Blade
Chieftain's Blade 40 ~1m Goblin Chieftain, Lord Gronok
Emerald thumb
Emerald 65 ~1m 20s Others
Forest Crystal
Forest Crystal 40 ~50s Others
Goblin Blade
Goblin Blade 11 ~20s Goblin Footman, Grok, Goblin Chieftain, Lord Gronok
Goblin Cloth
Goblin Cloth 8 ~15s Goblin Enchanter, Siru
Goblin Hilt
Goblin Hilt 11 ~20s Goblin Enchanter, Siru
Goblin Plate
Goblin Plate 8 ~15s Goblin Footman, Grok, Goblin Chieftain, Lord Gronok
Gronoks Plate
Gronok's Plate 85 ~1m 30s Lord Gronok
Hempen Thread
Hempen Thread 3 ~8s Forest Treant
Hoggers Fur
Hogger's Fur 50 ~1m 30s Hogger
Iron Chunk
Iron Chunk 3 ~8s Moss Golem
Iron Ore
Iron Ore 3 ~8s Moss Golem
Maexnas Leg
Maexna's Leg 63 ~1m 30s Maexna, Queen Maexna
Nature Rune
Nature Rune 55 ~1m 5s Others
Sirus Cloth
Siru's Cloth 60 ~1m 30s Siru
Snake Fang
Snake Fang 8 ~20s Tuvale Viper, Venom
Snake Scale
Snake Scale 6 ~15s Tuvale Viper, Venom
Spider Leg
Spider Leg 8 ~20s Grass Spider, Arachne, Maexna, Queen Maexna
Spider Silk
Spider Silk 6 ~15s Grass Spider, Arachne, Maexna, Queen Maexna
Tuvale Moss
Tuvale Moss 3 ~8s Forest Gathering
Venoms Fang
Venom's Fang 45 ~1m 30s Venom

Tier 2 - Yarsol Cove Edit

Icon Name Sell Price Sell Time Dropped
Azure Fang
Azure Fang 155 ~3m 15s Laviathan
Azure Scale
Azure Scale 155 ~3m 15s Laviathan
Basamus Claw
Basamus' Claw 85 ~3m 45s Basamus, Basamus Prime
Coral Moss
Coral Moss 6 ~15s Yarsol Gathering
Genbus Jewel
Genbu's Jewel 155 ~3m 15s Genbu
Genbus Shell
Genbu's Shell 155 ~3m 15s Genbu
High Priests Cloth
High Priest's Cloth 60 ~3m 45s Murlok Highpriest, Prophet Nami
Krakens Beak
Kraken's Beak 155 ~3m 15s Kraken
Krakens Tentacle
Kraken's Tentacle 155 ~3m 15s Kraken
Leaping Scale
Leaping Scale 85 ~2m 30s Leaping Lizzy
Lizard Fang
Lizard Fang 16 ~25s Sand Lizard, Leaping Lizzy, Basamus, Basamus Prime
Lizard Scale
Lizard Scale 14 ~15s Sand Lizard, Leaping Lizzy, Basamus, Basamus Prime
Mithril Chunk
Mithril Chunk 6 ~15s Coral Giant
Mithril Ore
Mithril Ore 6 ~15s Coral Giant
Murlok Blade
Murlok Blade 16 ~25s Murlok Spearman, Murlok Warleader, Murlok Assassin
Murlok Cloth
Murlok Cloth 12 ~25s Murlok Priest, Murlok Tidecaller, Murlok Assassin, Murlok Highpriest
Murlok Hilt
Murlok Hilt 14 ~25s Murlok Priest, Murlok Tidecaller, Murlok Assassin, Murlok Highpriest
Murlok Plate
Murlok Plate 14 ~15s Murlok Spearman, Murlok Warleader
Murlok Scale
Murlok Scale 28 ~25s Murlok Priest, Murlok Tidecaller, Murlok Spearman, Murlok Warleader, Murlok Assassin, Murlok Tidehunter, Murlok Highpriest, Prophet Nami, Kraken, Leviathan, Genbu
Namis Hilt
Nami's Hilt 115 ~3m 45s Prophet Nami
Prime Fang
Prime Fang 135 ~3m 45s Basamus Prime
Sapphire thumb
Sapphire 100 ~1m 15s Others
Silk Thread
Silk Thread 6 ~15s Water Willow
Tidecallers Hilt
Tidecaller's Hilt 85 ~2m 30s Murlok Tidecaller
Tidehunters Blade
Tidehunter's Blade 85 ~3m 45s Murlok Tidehunter
Turtle Claw
Turtle Claw 14 ~25s Yarsol Snapper, Wild Turtle
Turtle Shell
Turtle Shell 12 ~25s Yarsol Snapper, Wild Turtle
Warleaders Plate
Warleader's Plate 85 ~3m 45s Murlok Warleader
Water Crystal
Water Crystal 65 ~1m 5s Others
Water Rune
Water Rune 85 ~50s Others
Wild Shell
Wild Shell 85 ~2m 30s Wild Turtle
Willow Log
Willow Log 6 ~15s Water Willow
Willow Root
Willow Root 6 ~15s Yarsol Gathering

Tier 3 - Aldur Highlands Edit

Icon Name Sell Price Sell Time Dropped
Adaman Chunk
Adaman Chunk 12 ~20s Highland Titan
Adaman Ore
Adaman Ore 12 ~20s Highland Titan
Alkyoneus Cloth
Alkyoneus' Cloth 195 ~4m 30s Alkyoneus
Alkyoneus Tooth
Alkyoneus' Tooth 195 ~4m 30s Alkyoneus
Ares Fur
Ares' Fur 85 ~2m 30s Ares, Ares Prime
Ares Horn
Ares' Horn 175 ~4m Ares Prime
Cashmere Thread
Cashmere Thread 12 ~20s Aldur Guardian
Ceros Horn
Ceros' Horn 125 ~3m 30s Ceros
Drahgars Fur
Drahgar's Fur 150 ~3m 30s Drahgar
Earth Crystal
Earth Crystal 95 ~50s Others
Earth Rune
Earth Rune 120 ~1m 10s Others
Gnoll Blade
Gnoll Blade 20 ~35s Gnoll Hunter, Reygar
Gnoll Cloth
Gnoll Cloth 17 ~35s Gnoll Shaman, Kaldar
Gnoll Fur
Gnoll Fur 43 ~45s Gnoll Hunter, Reygar, Gnoll Shaman, Kaldar, Gnoll Overlord, Drahgar, Kirin, Alkyoneus
Gnoll Hilt
Gnoll Hilt 20 ~35s Gnoll Shaman, Kaldar
Gnoll Plate
Gnoll Plate 17 ~35s Gnoll Hunter, Reygar
Highland Moss
Highland Moss 9 ~20s Aldur Gathering
Kaldars Fur
Kaldar's Fur 125 ~3m 30s Kaldar
Kirins Hide
Kirin's Hide 195 ~4m 30s Kirin
Kirins Horn
Kirin's Horn 195 ~4m 30s Kirin
Magnotaurs Hide
Magnotaur's Hide 195 ~4m 30s Magnotaur
Magnotaurs Hoove
Magnotaur's Hoove 195 ~4m 30s Magnotaur
Oak Log
Oak Log 12 ~20s Aldur Guardian
Oak Root
Oak Root 9 ~20s Aldur Gathering
Overlords Blade
Overlord's Blade 85 ~2m 30s Gnoll Overlord, Drahgar
Ram Fur
Ram Fur 15 ~35s Aldur Ram, Ceros, Ares, Ares Prime
Ram Horn
Ram Horn 17 ~35s Aldur Ram, Ceros, Ares, Ares Prime
Reygars Plate
Reygar's Plate 125 ~3m 30s Reygar
Terros Fang
Terros' Fang 125 ~3m 30s Terros
Topaz thumb
Topaz 135 ~1m 40s Others
Worm Fang
Worm Fang 17 ~35s Highland Tunneler, Terros
Worm Silk
Worm Silk 15 ~35s Highland Tunneler, Terros

Tier 4 - Vulkrum Badlands Edit

Icon Name Sell Price Sell Time Dropped
Altors Cloth
Altor's Cloth 163 ~2m 30s Altor
Amethyst thumb
Amethyst 220 ~3m Others
Antares Stinger
Antares' Stinger 125 ~3m Antares, Serket
Arthus Skull
Arthus' Skull 225 ~4m 30s Arthus
Badlands Moss
Badlands Moss 11 ~20s Vulkrum Gathering
Beast Fang
Beast Fang 15 ~25s Beast, Night Stalker
Beast Fur
Beast Fur 15 ~25s Beast, Night Stalker
Darksteel Chunk
Darksteel Chunk 14 ~20s Dark Colossus
Darksteel Ore
Darksteel Ore 14 ~20s Dark Colossus
Deadwood Log
Deadwood Log 14 ~20s Haunted Harwood
Deadwood Root
Deadwood Root 11 ~20s Vulkrum Gathering
Death Rune
Death Rune 188 ~2m 15s Others
Hels Blade
Hel's Blade 275 ~5m Hel
Kings Blade
King's Blade 125 ~3m Lich King
Necro Crystal
Necro Crystal 145 ~1m 15s Others
Necro Thread
Necro Thread 14 ~20s Haunted Harwood
Onis Blade
Oni's Blade 275 ~5m Oni
Onis Fang
Oni's Fang 275 ~5m Oni
Scorpinox Shell
Scorpinox Shell 163 ~2m 30s Scorpinox
Scorpion Leg
Scorpion Leg 15 ~25s Nightmare Scorpion, Anteres, Scorpinox, Serket
Scorpion Shell
Scorpion Shell 15 ~25s Nightmare Scorpion, Anteres, Scorpinox, Serket
Serkets Shell
Serket's Shell 225 ~4m 30s Serket
Shadow Blade
Shadow Blade 275 ~5m Twin Shadow
Shadow Cloth
Shadow Cloth 275 ~5m Twin Shadow
Skeleton Skull
Skeleton Skull 75 ~1m 15s Warrior, Mage, King, Altor, Skeletor, Oni, Hel, Twin Shadow
Spectral Cloth
Spectral Cloth 275 ~5m Hel
Stalkers Fur
Stalker's Fur 163 ~2m 30s Night Stalker
Undead Blade
Undead Blade 17 ~25s Warrior, Lich King, Skeltor, Arthus
Undead Cloth
Undead Cloth 17 ~25s Mage, Altor
Undead Hilt
Undead Hilt 17 ~25s Mage, Altor
Undead Plate
Undead Plate 17 ~25s Warrior, Lich King, Skeltor, Arthus

Tier 5 - Grimhal Volcano Edit

Icon Name Sell Price Sell Time Dropped
Arkyos Horn
Arkyos' Horn 85 ~1m 30s Arkyos
Arkyos Wing
Arkyos' Wing 85 ~1m 30s Arkyos
Black Dragon Fang
Black Dragon Fang 55 ~53s Fafnir, Fatalis
Black Dragon Scale
Black Dragon Scale 55 ~53s Fafnir, Fatalis
Cerberus Fang
Cerberus' Fang 50 ~53s Ceberus
Cerberus Fur
Cerberus' Fur 50 ~53s Ceberus
Crimson Claw
Crimson Claw 23 ~38s Dragon Whelp, Fire Wyrm
Crimson Scale
Crimson Scale 23 ~38s Dragon Whelp, Fire Wyrm
Crimson Wing
Crimson Wing 70 ~1m 55s Dragon Whelp, Fire Wyrm
Demon Claw
Demon Claw 70 ~1m 30s Demon Warrior
Demon Fire
Demon Fire 70 ~1m 30s Demon Mage
Demon Heart
Demon Heart 30 ~38s Demon Warrior, Demon Mage
Demon Horn
Demon Horn 50 ~1m 30s Demon Warrior, Demon Mage
Elder Demon Claw
Elder Demon Claw 55 ~53s Skorge, Arkyos
Elder Demon Scale
Elder Demon Scale 55 ~53s Skorge, Arkyos
Fafnirs Fang
Fafnir's Fang 85 ~1m 30s Fafnir
Fafnirs Wing
Fafnir's Wing 85 ~1m 30s Fafnir
Fatalis Crest
Fatalis' Crest 85 ~1m 30s Fatalis
Fatalis Horn
Fatalis' Horn 85 ~1m 30s Fatalis
Fire Crystal
Fire Crystal 163 ~1m 45s Others
Fire Rune
Fire Rune 225 ~2m 15s Others
Grimhal Ash
Grimhal Ash 23 ~38s Lavabeast
Lava Moss
Lava Moss 14 ~38s Grimhal Gathering
Lava Root
Lava Root 14 ~38s Grimhal Gathering
Magma Chunk
Magma Chunk 17 ~38s Molten Giant
Magma Log
Magma Log 17 ~38s Volcanic Lumberer
Magma Ore
Magma Ore 17 ~38s Molten Giant
Magma Thread
Magma Thread 17 ~38s Volcanic Lumberer
Molten Chain
Molten Chain 30 ~38s Infernal Guardian, Firelord Ozai
Molten Core
Molten Core 23 ~38s Lavabeast
Molten Plate
Molten Plate 30 ~38s Infernal Guardian, Firelord Ozai
Ozais Chain
Ozai's Chain 85 ~1m 30s Firelord Ozai
Ozais Plate
Ozai's Plate 85 ~1m 30s Firelord Ozai
Phoenix Ash
Phoenix Ash 50 ~53s Phoenix
Phoenix Feather
Phoenix Feather 50 ~53s Phoenix
Ruby thumb
Ruby 263 ~3m Others
Skorges Blade
Skorge's Blade 85 ~1m 30s Skorge
Skorges Scale
Skorge's Scale 85 ~1m 30s Skorge