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For other ingots, see Ores.

A light weight Iron ingot used to make Weapons

Iron Ingot is a Tier 1 crafting material used by the Blacksmith and Jeweler.

Used in
Name Amount Needed
Iron Dagger2
Iron Dagger 1
Iron Dagger2
Iron Sword 1
Iron Hatchet2
Iron Hatchet 2
Iron Knife2
Iron Knife 2
Iron Longsword2
Iron Longsword 2
Iron Axe2
Iron Axe 3
Fang Knife2
Fang Knife 2
Boar Sword2
Boar Sword 2
Fang Hatchet2
Fang Hatchet 3
Goblin Sword2
Goblin Sword 3
Goblin Hatchet2
Goblin Hatchet 3
Venoms Knife2
Venom's Knife 3
Chieftains Longsword2
Chieftain's Longsword 4
Snake Ring2
Snake Ring 2
Spider Earring2
Spider Earring 1
Where to obtain
Name Recipe Quantity
Icn Blacksmith
Gold 5
Iron Ore2
Iron Ore 2