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For the crafter, see Grok.

A Forgotten Hero

Grok is a Hero who was available in V 1.91. He could be unlocked after purchasing the 10th Hero, making himself the 11th.  He cost 7 gold.

The Role of Grok
Grok is a Hero who wants to grok, but there is so little to grok from.

Hero Stats
Stat Starting Stat Stat Increase Per Level Stat Modifier Level 50
Hp 17 7 367
Atk 7 0.1 0 per Str 12
Matk 7 0.1 0 per Int 12
Acc 7 0.1 0 per Dex 12
Crit 7 0 7
Def 7 0.1 12
Mdef 7 0.1 12

Abilities (unlocked at level 10)

Grok was discontinued before the Release of Ascension and Skills.

The story behind Grok can be found on the Lore page