Name Unlock Reward
Craft a Potion Craft a potion. Use potions to avoid dying. Not dying is an optimal strategy. 25Coin
Craft Armor Craft a piece of armor. Try equipping it. Or don't. I'm not going to tell you how to live your life. 25Coin
Craft a Weapon Craft a weapon. Helpful for defeating enemies. 25Coin
Sell an Item. Sell something. Anything. Try it out, it's really easy and rewarding. 25Coin
Defeat Maexna Defeat Maexna boss of the first Region. 100Coin
Defeat Basamus Defeat Basamus, the Boss of Yarsol Cove. 200Coin
Defeat Ares Defeat Ares, the Boss of Aldur Highlands. 400Coin
Liches Ain't S%#& Defeat the Lich King, the Boss of Vulkrum Badlands. 800Coin
Defeat the Final Boss Good luck. 1200Coin
Defeat a Rare Enemy Find and defeat your first rare enemy. 50Coin
Hire 3 Heroes Hire 3 heroes to send on quests. 100Coin
Hire 5 Heroes Hire 5 heroes to send on quests. 500Coin
Hire 10 Heroes Hire 10 heroes to send on quests. 2000Coin
Unlock Berserker Unlock the Berserker Hero Class. 100Coin
Unlock the Dark Knight He's not the hero we need, but the one we deserve. 500Coin
Sell 100 Items Sell 100 Items. It makes you money. Give it a try. 100Coin
Sell 1000 Items Sell 1000 items. Wow that's a lot of items. 1000Coin
Richer Than Ever Sell an item for more than 500 gold. 100Coin
Whaddaya sellin'? Sell an item for more than 1,000 gold. 200Coin
I'll buy it at a high price Sell an item for more than 2,000 gold. 500Coin
Sell an Epic Item Sell an Epic item. I know it can be hard to part with. 200Coin
Sell a Legendary Item Sell a Legendary item. Really? You finally got a Legendary and now you're going to sell it? 500Coin
Craft 500 potions That's a lot of potions. 250Coin
Craft 5000 Potions 5000? Really? Your heroes are probably pretty tired of getting beat up. 1000Coin
Craft 100 Weapons Making an army! 250Coin
Craft 1000 Weapons Legendary Weaponsmith! 1000Coin
Craft 100 Pieces of Armor Gotta keep safe! 250Coin
Craft 1000 Pieces of Armor The Grand Protector! 1000Coin
Craft an Enchanted Item Create an item with a prefix or suffix bonus. 100Coin
The 4th of its Name Craft an item with a +4 Suffix. 500Coin
Reach Level 10 Reach Hero level 10. You're on your way traveler. 100Coin
Reach Level 20 Reach Hero level 20. Quite the adventurer you've become. 250Coin
Reach Level 30 Reach Hero level 30. A mighty warrior you have shaped up to be. 500Coin
Reach Level 40 Reach Hero level 40. A legend is born. 1000Coin
Reach Level 50 Reach Hero level 50. A god emerges. 2000Coin
Prestigious (Secret) Prestige a Hero. 2500Coin
Unlock Slots 1 Unlock 8 additional inventory slots. 100Coin
Unlock Slots 2 Unlock 32 additional inventory slots. 250Coin
Unlock Slots 3 Unlock 64 additional inventory slots. 500Coin
Collect Over 10k Gold Over 10,000 Gold earned. You should go out and celebrate. 100Coin
Collect Over 50k Gold Over 50,000 Gold earned. You'll be famous in no time at this rate. 500Coin
Collect Over 100k Gold Over 100,000 Gold earned. You've made it. 1000Coin
Deal 10k Damage with a Hero Deal 10k total damage with a single Hero. That's a lot of damage. 100Coin
Deal 50k Damage with a Hero Deal 50k total damage with a single Hero. Someone needs to stop this guy. It's getting out of control. 250Coin
Deal 100k Damage with a Hero Deal 100k total damage with a single Hero. This Hero may be a borderline sociopath. Someone should keep an eye on this guy. 500Coin
Complete 100 Quests Finish 100 Quests. Quite the accomplishment. 100Coin
Complete 1000 Quests 1000 Quests? Really? *Slow Clap* 500Coin
Master of Bling Equip a Hero with all Epic items. Lookin' fresh. 100Coin
Equip All Legendaries Equip a Hero with all Legendary items. 500Coin
Morbid Fixation Die 10 times. Do it. You won't. 250Coin
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  • The total amount of money awarded is 24,100 coins.
  • There are 2 typos on the list.
    • Craft 5000 Potions. "5000? Really? You're heroes are probably pretty tired of getting beat up."
    • Collect Over 10k Gold. "You should go out an celebrate."


  • Unrecognized icon nameUnrecognized icon name The game lists 52 Achievements but there are only 50 in-game. The two that are hidden are:
    • MAXIMUM GROKAGE - GROKAMUS TO THE MAXIMUS level Grok the crafter to 30.
    • All the grok you can grok